Memory photo

The day after my last suicide attempt showed on my photos for you today

I was close to death but I lived to see this again like many times before


I hope you live a long life with many beautiful moments.


This was the 15th March 2020

I lived to see Covid

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Im so glad you are still alive. please dont die we need you on this planet so that you can help others like yourself


joker. i am sure like us here many in your life care about you. you’re a loveable person. judy

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I am getting really bad suicidal thoughts at the moment.

This photo has brought it to the front of my mind :frowning:

Because I failed I saw Covid-19. If I stay I will see economic collapse of the West and war with Putin


Seems like the uk government is collapsing atm.

New health Secretary again.

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I don’t feel like killing myself but
… I really don’t wanna be working when the world is such a chaos. :disappointed_relieved:


This is what they want people to do. Keep working so they don’t notice what’s really going on around them with the corruption and markets making a killing off the backs of regular people.

Makes me so upset and angry how we’re treated.


Thats a beautoful pic man…just shows life is worth holding in to always. I hope you never find yourself in such a dark place again man. Please always rmeember that people care about you even if they dont show it


joker. you sound like you need to talk/see someone who can really help you.

there are places to reach out to – i don’t know offhand and cannot list them for you.

please joker, seek help. judy

I am trying but they don’t have time to call me back until later

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Yea life is ■■■■■■■ madness right now. Anyway I hope you will be okay. You’re a lovely lad.