Memory palaces

I’m considering learning a new language, perhaps German. I know nothing of this language whatsoever.

Spanish has taken me years to acquire and I guess I am intermediate.

I want to acquire the language considerably quicker than I did for Spanish, so am interested in the memory palace technique that I see on C4’s ‘Can i improve my memory?’ for example.

Has anyone used this technique or similar to learn a language before? Any tips?


Paging @Loke . Loke is our language expert.


I have seen this:

Munx VR | Linguisticator

That uses a virtual process to make the memory palace visible, but I’d need a vr set and a new pc to run it on, so it would turn out pricey.

Any ideas on where to begin with a vr set and laptop that could be acquired the most cheaply? I have a ps4 but it is not compatible with steam, I think? is ps4 vr compatible with steam games?

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@Loke is your girl, she’s GREAT with languages. She’s smart.


I took german in high school, but it was hard. I can make myself somewhat understood, but I can’t say I speak the language. The gramatics is the hardest things to learn. Loads of gramatic rules. But we had a crap teacher. Half the class did below average. I’m sure you will do better if you get a good learning programme.


@Aziz Perhaps, you could guide me? The Vr is not for gaming but a simple 3d rendering of buildings, so what set up would I need laptop wise and vr machine?

I have a Intel(R) Core™ i5-7200U CPU @ 2.50GHz 2.71 GHz small laptop at present. Is that enough to operate a basic vr machine?

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Which gpu? Intel? You need a good gpu for VR.

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Intel r core (intel r xtu)

I am pretty sure you need an AMD or Nvidia gpu to use VR. Especially games, Intel gpus are not made for gaming currently.

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I don’t have a ps4 vr, just the ps4. If I buy a sony ps4 vr, will my laptop be able to work it?

Oh, i see.


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That sucks! The laptop is powerful enough but the graphics card is not good enough. That means I’d have to buy a new laptop to get this language learning program. :frowning:

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