Memory palaces again

There is a new app on the Oculus Quest called Librarium.

It teaches a memory palace technique and using vr you can build a memory palace. You can’t yet upload your own images to the app, but in future they plan to be able to.

I use a phone app and the vocab and verb builder never sticks in my mind. I am hoping the memory palace technique can help me once and for all. With the addition of vr it can help me visualize my memory palace in my mind and in a virtual reality scenario at the same time which would be perfect.

Does anybody else use this technique to learn?


I’ve never heard of it. I don’t really get what it does.

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Yes, I use it extensively.

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Memory palaces is a technique whichyou can use to learn things. @ZmaGal

You imagine a place you know well in your mind. In this place you can imagine and place things in certain places inyour mind. For example, your house that you know well you could use.

Say you wanted to learn a Spanish word for window/ventana. Picture in your mind a bandana with pictures of vents all over it. and now in your mind place the bandana in a certain position, say on the bedside cabinet in your bedroom. All in your mind.

Yuo can do this with loads of images that each word evokes, placing the object in your mind.

Then in your mind you can imagine and scan around the room. This helps people to learn 1000s of objects and win memory competitions.

There are other memory palace techniques, but essentially this is what it is all about.

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That’s pretty cool. Thanks for explaining it to me. How are you doing at it? How is it helping you

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