Memory loss can’t be I’m only 26

Hi, this is a first on this forum. I feel like I’m experiencing short term memory loss or something as I’m forgetting things.


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Short term memory is affected by sz but not long term memory

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I’m quite forgetful. Sometimes I even forget what I wrote on this board yesterday. I think your memory will recover with the right treatment but for me it’s too late because I’ve suffered permanent brain damage because of over medication for two decades. My visual memory is that bad that I find that very difficult to recolonize peoples faces.

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My word finding problems started in my 20s and continues to get worst. Makes it really hard to have conversations, lots of time with my partner, as I stop making sense, we agree to just give up and stop struggling trying.

Also other major memory problems getting worse. I’m in 46 now.

How anxious are you? I find that anxiety turns my memory and concentration to dust.

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