I just thought i would write this post as it may be helpful.My memory is really bad.I have found that drinking coca-cola helps my memory,i don’t know how or why but it helps.But if anyone reading this wants to try i will advise to drink through a straw and clean your teeth afterwards as it rots teeth like nothing else.

I haven’t had cola in AGES. I love Ramune. But that’s the only soda I’ve been drinking. I’m taking a break from it.

The caffeine probably makes you more alert. Cola is filled with bad stuff…high fructose corn syrup and a bunch of other artificial ingredients… I was just talking with my GF how kids get put on Ritalin and then get rewarded by parents with candy and coke…the very things that makes them hyper.
So the memory enhancement could be the sugar making your brain more hyper.

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