Memory Changes

So, I’ve been writing down every time my aunt confronts me about “forgetting” something. Already near 20 times this month… I really am worried about what this is. I know it couldn’t be amnesia, it isn’t depression, an it’s not really apart of my thought disorder… I only get “stonewalls” and then they’ll make me dumb for a minute or two. Then I’ll continue talking. So it’s not that. I haven’t talked to anyone about it, an I haven’t seen my pdoc in a good while. (Possibly 4 or 5 months. We’re experimenting with my current dosage, as it has me fairly “stable”.) ANYWAY… I also have this weird feeling… Every few months or so, I’ll lose interest in something, and then become ecstatic about something else, an it repeats. Like, it deals with everything. I’ll change my taste in fashion, I’ll switch music tastes, I’ll like different foods, I’ll sleep on the opposite side of the bed (that might not be apart of it, but it’s weird thinking about it now.) Idk. I might just be over thinking everything… Maybe it’s normal. Hahah. I need to get out a lot more. But… If any of you have any input, feel free to respond. :slightly_smiling_face: