Memory are coming back in a strange way....Fake or Real?

Some kind of memory are coming back. It happened last night, i did some speed and i was ready for a night of gaming. At first i did not notice that my brain was creating some kind of story. It was about this girl who i had a crush on, her name was Camille. I realize pretty fast that the story that my brain was creating had some kind of logic. These thing i could not dare called memory. were (how could i say that?) answered by me. I was actively participating in what was going on . A part of the memory was created, but my role inside this memory was acted by me in the real world. That’s why at first i did not care about the story but then i realize that it was real, these memory made sense these thing happened and i was sure of it.

The story was about this girl, we were in the same group of friend at an adult school. We were talking about pills and on how many you could take without dying…and how long you can have sex on these thing. These memory were answered by me so if one of my friend told me ‘’ hey i can take 3 and cum 4 time if i want’’ I was the one answering but in real life. I had a choice but maybe i made the same choice in the present and in the past.

One day we were eating and Camille came and sat next to me. I had a Big crush on her but i was not in love i knew that, she told me ‘’ i want to ■■■■ with you but im scared im going to fall in love’’ That took me by surprise. I knew we had something going on but i did not think it was that serious. My memory are not clear at this point, i was trying to reassure her, she was scared that if we were to go out together i would hurt her felling, she was really weird. Then we got outside, in this memory the background (not the sky) is red and Camille is crazier than before.

I had a Big crush on her. I could feel that something was wrong, her mind was going really fast and she would say thing that did not make sense. She kept telling me that i only wanted her for sex…but nothing ever happened between us too. She was really childish really weird its was not Camille…but i still had felling for her so i told her just that.She did not understand that i could still love her ( now the Big crush has transformed into love) she got mad an went home.

Next morning she came toward me and explain everything. she had a Dissociative identity disorder or a Multiple Personality Disorder. In other word she loved me so mush that she lost her head and i loved her so much that is just forgot… I remember now my friend telling me do you remember when Camille told you ‘’ i want to ■■■■ with you but im scared im going to fall in love’’ . I got 3 memory like that one it happened between June and November i always answered ‘‘no’’ and then they had to tell me the whole story again.

This is a long story…I understand now why other people in the school were looking at me the way they did. I was so much in love that i did not care about her disorder but the disorder cared about me. We were hanging together i guess (the memory are getting really obstruct by my own doubt). She wanted to stay with me, she was ready to go crazy forever all i had to do was to love her. She told me that the stress behind the fact that she loved me was enough to trigger these event.

We talked a lot but again i don’t how much of this is real…Last thing i told her was that we had to never talked to each other again and maybe she would stop going crazy. We were still and the same group of friend but i forgot everything and i think she did too but her sisters kept reminding her. I guess they all though it was better for me to never know.

I had the felling that everything was over what did i do? I only remember people talking in my back (he forgot,she loved him so much that she lost her head,you wanna hear his story?,should we tell him) .Camille was really mean and i was mean toward here myself. She kept forgetting and i guess that’s why she was mean toward me. I was in love but i could not remember why all i remembered was the beginning of class and that was way back. So i decide to quit school for the 5th time, the day i decided to quit Camille was after me, following me waiting for me…she remembered. I walked past her like she did not even exist i was destroyed and i did not understand why.


So now how can i tell whats real or not??? Camille told me ( if this is real :frowning: ) that’s she could not truly loved anyone because that would trigger her alternations of personality. Is that even possible??? And can someone like Camille be cured??? Can someone forgot a piece of his own life??? these event happened between June and November isnt that too short for such erasing of the memory??? I had other ‘‘event’’ in my life and they were more painful then this one…i guess…so why did my brain decided to erase that one??? Im in so much pain right now because the love of my life is gone does that mean that it was real???(maybe its all fake :frowning: )Does Camille remember me???CAN SHE BE CURED???

I’d ask her not us. If she has mental health issues she’d probably understand you just want clarity. When I first started hearing voices I was crushing on a girl and I thought she started talking to me with her mind. Should have known right then something was wrong. I’m only saying this to establish that I understand where she is coming from. Love can really ■■■■ with ones head. It’s typically a good thing, but if I fell in love again who knows what I hear. I was actually enjoying it while it was happening but looking back on it makes me uncomfortable and I’d never want it to happen again.

Good luck dude.

Short answer: stop the speed.
real or not?
matters not, skip the speed.

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Yeah I should have said too. Drugs are bad mmmkay.

So i just went back from the psycho ward and…I dreamed the whole ■■■■■■■ thing…FAKE FAKE FAKE…

That’s crazy man. You provided a lot of detail here it sounded at least part real.

The people are real i know them. The love i had for that girl was real too…but i don’t understand how i could believed that’s the story was real. I actually went back to the school…so i could get answer…people were looking at me like i had a gun and i was about to start a shootout lol…and when i realize that its was all a dream and that i was back in some kind drug induced psychosis i cried like a 14 years old virgin LOL

Man that sucks, sounds like some real ■■■■ to go through. My symptoms infect my memories. That is when I do remember things. Makes it seem like it has always been this way, pretty crazy.