Memories, visualization, recall, and experiences prior to illness

And relation to self awareness, derealization, delusions, psychosis, etc.

Anyone have the problem of remembering their life or even living before your dramatic fall into schizophrenia?

I have this problem pretty bad and the above affect me. I think this topic deserves it’s own topic and thread. I’m not alone.

To help me, I’m trying to recall life before my psychosis by visualizing it. I’m slowly thinking it was real and I can see images of the reality I lived beforehand.

Maybe this was due to the trauma associated with my psychosis.


Unfortunately I remember everything, it’s kind of a curse.

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My delusion is I live in a computer and the past is an illusion and that I lived in an alternative reality just like this and died. Many times over. Somehow I skipped most of my life and came from another reality to live this shitty life over again with schizophrenia.

I have theories on how it works but don’t claim to know precisely how it works.

Doing the visualizations and recall helps ground me and turn me sane again.

I lost my long, well thought out post. Said it had to be approved by a moderator…

I had a good life so not remembering is hell to me.

I’m sorry you remember.

I wish I could remember. Things were normal before 2011 for me. Life was great. I was normal.

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They say dissociation and amnesia protect the brain from trauma and traumatic memories.

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