Memories to make :D

What is the memory you still want to make?

One can dream :smiley:

I have lots I still want to make. Not sure what is stopping me from planning for these goals :thinking:

Travel with someone I love.
Travel somewhere for my brother’s wedding with the whole family
Be stable for a long time and feel ‘normal’ too
Dive in the red sea
Visit Petra in Jordan
Visit Egypt and the Pyramids
Go on vacation in Mexico with a group of friends
Be very fit again
See my nephews become awesome guys
See my family happy and safe


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I want to lose 30 lbs!! :triumph: I’m using myfitnesstracker to help me. I had it set to lose 1 lb a week but many days I was eating far enough under the calorie counter to where I just switched it to lose 2 lbs a week instead. If I can keep to this diet then I will be back to a satisfying weight by October! And maybe after that my new goal will be to weigh as much as I did before college so losing like another 10-15 lbs.

It is very hard to fight food cravings. It is good motivation to go to the gym when it increases the amount of calories I can eat per day so I can sneak in cheat foods lol.


yeah my weight loss is a slow process but I am down a few pounds already.
I’ll be my goal weight by max October too.

Good luck :smiley: It is something very easily achievable. I need to lose 30 lbs too.

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I want to earn money to live off of. That and do something big from a intellectual standpoint. For a while I wanted to do something with the Reimann zeta equation but I ended up doing nothing big aside from reading two books and a couple papers. Also wrote 10-20 pages of equations but got nowhere. Difficult that a function has only zeros on the line s=1/2 aside from trivial ones. Seems like I waste most of the day nowadays. Been spending it on you tube. Tried to do a lets play channel and am failing at it so far worse than my track record with women.