Memories of when you were in love

I can’t remember that far back of what I fell in love all that I can tell you is it’s worth more than the stars above


I don’t think I have ever fallen in love with anything but life itself

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So long ago, I can’t remember either. I do however remember the love a mother feels for her child. Those memories will stay in my heart forever.


I have fallen in love but idk if it’s love if you don’t really feel good

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Love doesn’t always mean you feel good, it means you get invested enough that you’re willing to feel bad.


this pic, and love,
reminds me of one very old pic
of my dad hoisting our mom
up on a tree limb.
ridiculous. they were still in love,
but already split, but not divorced yet, 2 years earlier.

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I fell in love and stayed there. It can be anything from lovely to scary.


I fell in love with my GF about 20 years ago and I will love her forever.


I’m in love again at the age of 62 of all things. My last husband died December 2007, and I have been alone since then, except for my mom who died February 2018.



warm summer days that are lazy and heat blurs the horizon. no plans just let the day find you. shops downtown. cigarettes. the railroad tracks. holding one another with the sun coming through the window.

long talks on the stage in the park. picked up at 2 am. parties. being alone only a few waking hours. an old mini van with no heat in the winter. loss. jealousy. movies. a dance in the driveway when i knew it was over and the nymb terror of knowing i couldnt live without.

sunset on the skree. walks through deer paths. tea at night. life stories.

the hammock by the pond. falling in love. hippie clothes and parlaiment lights. shes looking for ghe reicarnation of hitler. our three our wslk in the woods. three million dollars. who cares. being taped and winning. boston. a silent two hour van ride. prescious cargo. my first glass of whiskey in a year and a half. dancing. her favorite childhood book. watching prisoners play basketball at night and listening to my ipod. tv in bed. cheap wine. house shopping. crying. dinners and wine. vacations. fslling out of love. crashing. lets buy an rv and live as nomads. the beach. lots of walks on the beach. break up. sleeping under a large dinasaur. my 25th birthday.

then my 30s hit and nothing. i dont meet people anymore. loneliness. but at least i got to love.


I’m almost married for 8 years. I’m still in love. :purple_heart::orange_heart::green_heart:


I was too naive. I only remember what I learned from mistakes. Now I would have done things completely different.

I guess everyone is too naive the first time tho. Now I would need to feel good about myself before I open up again.

I’m 32 years with the same gal. We can read each other’s minds…

Me: “Honey? Where’s that…thing??”

Wife: “Top shelf in the bedroom closet.”

Me: “Oh, right. Thanks.”

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The love of my life is yet to come!

I have trust issues therefore I will never be in love I don’t think

been in love many times…but it was always fleeting before I got sick…got really broken hearted over a fiance’ in college…anyways…it came back to haunt me in my delusions but I’m glad I believed she was still in love with me…I wasn’t so alone…anyways…now I’m in my second marriage…both marriages had love…this one will last though. we are rock solid.


I thought I was in love. It was lust and he didn’t really care about me. Probably never met someone who loved me.

part of song from the band ‘free’, music ‘all right now’:
I took her home to my place
Watchin’ every move on her face
She said look what’s your game baby
Are you trying to put me in shame
I said slow, don’t go so fast
Don’t you think that love could last
She said love, lord above
Now you’re tryin’ to trick me in love, ay!

All right now, baby it’s-a all right now
All right now, baby it’s-a all right now

there are mutual agreements benefitial to the 2, there can be lots of types of love. i guess it is whatever works.


For me it seems like a lifetime ago. With each passing year I realize the time when I was in love meant more to me than her. I’m okay with that. Really I wasn’t a great boyfriend anyway. I know it’s cliche but like the saying goes, “It’s better to have loved and lost than never loved at all.”


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