Member status

Can a mod put me back on member status?

Think you have to earn it! Only took me like 3 days so no idea why you’re having so much problems. Been a bad boy or bad girl have you?

No, a mod cannot. You have a history of encouraging other users to stop taking their meds.


What sort of things lose your member status or get your posts deleted, or yourself suspended or banned?
I know it probably says somewhere but I can’t find it because I’m not good with technology :confused:

schizish, you can find the sticky threads on every forum subcategories. Those are the guidelines.

The general guideline is here


That’s not actually true but alright.

Let’s be more precise: you have a history of making extreme, unsupported claims about alternative therapies curing sz, becoming hostile when asked to stop, and subverting forum rules to continue surreptitiously making those claims. Unfortunately, your past behavior has shown us that we can’t trust you to respect the forum guidelines and consider the safety of other members before you post.

One time doesn’t exactly constitute a “history”, but, as I said before, alright.

Also at the start I wasn’t making concrete claims, I wanted to have a discussion about, as I’m sure you remember. I only became hostile after the mods reacted without even letting a conversation be had about it.

I honestly think you became upset, Rhubot, and held that against me.

Well, the way you reacted to having your thread closed definitely annoyed me, sure. I don’t care to see my fellow mods abused. And the way you continued to post, making the same “cure” claims, showed us that you don’t respect the rules here, or the safety of the other members.

Okay, well my intention wasn’t to disrespect or abuse any of the mods. I had thought that Niacin could be a cure at the time, I’ll admit I was wrong after trying it. I honestly didn’t want anyone to go off their medication, I had tried to convey that at the time. I was just annoyed that you had closed my thread without any discussion.

In fact I would appreciate it if you would delete those Niacin threads.

I wasn’t the one who closed your thread. I fully supported it being closed, though, which is why I responded when you asked about it. I’ll delete them if I come across them again.

Alright then

Case closed