Melancholic depression - L dopa and sarcosine?

My Pdoc wants to discuss my case with a board of professionals, especially what she calls my “melancholic depression type.”

I have tried every AD on the market, and even the strongest seems to lose its effectiveness.

Since the only drug that works for me is a low dose of AP and opioids, she might put me on the lowest dose of ultram or methadone besides my AP.

Before she might do that (I know the 3 of june) , I want to try supplements for the first time. Especially L Dopa and Sarcosine. I would be nice to avoid opioids. Im already on vitamin B and magnesium.

I can buy L Dopa in Denmark / Europe. But not sarcosine?

Can i buy a complex of amino acids instead or do you know any other way to increase the levels of Sarcosine in your body?

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How is your life in general? Do you have connection? Connection with family and friends?
Are you active in the community? Do you eat healthily? And have an exercise regimen?

If you have no connection then depression is bound to happen, as humans are essentially social creatures and to lack it causes depression.

If all of the above is met then please ignore my witterings.

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That’s exactly what is strange. I have a good connection to my large family. I have few but very good and close friends. I eat healthy and do exercise because I have no car and have to bike wherever I want to go.

My Pdoc said my depressive features are primarily biological.

I felt sad when she said that “it might be the natural progression of your mental illness.”

I hope she comes up with something.

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The illness or the possibility of long term ap use perhaps.

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If you’re looking for supplements to help with depression you could try 5-htp.

It’s basically an antidepressant that you can buy without a prescription. It should be discussed with your doctor first.

I tried it previously and was advised that 50mg a day should be enough as it’s very potent. And sure enough it was.

Don’t go over 50mg a day would be my advice. And certainly don’t take it with antidepressants.

Here’s more information.

Click on side effects.

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Ldopa helped my negative symptoms. Wellbutrin also increases dopamine but I read it does only in the prefrontal cortex. Its an antidepressant that doesn’t work on serotonin.

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I am on 5-HTP as well, have been for years. It works infinitely better for me than an antidepressant because it actually raises your serotonin levels, rather than merely trapping it in your brain.

You can buy sarcosine online, if that’s a possibility.


Thanks, @Cragger @Aziz @everhopeful . I don’t think 5htp might do it, since im more or less resistant to serotonerg AD’s. But I hope my Pdoc asks her colleagues about their experience with buprenorphine.

It’s very rarely prescribed in Denmark, but it might be my AD. I don’t have psychosis or lack of control on dopamine agonists.

I will definitely try to buy some sarcosine online.

I have “green fingers” and consider growing my own supplements, microdosing etc.