Mel Gibson psychotic rant on you tube

Gibson has been accused of odd behavior and bi polar disorder, this morning on the television.

If somebody recorded my arguments and posted on YouTube I think I would rant, not sure!

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Why did she post this online? It’s his private life, we have nothing to do with it.

I dunno! Isn’t this something

I would absolutely be devastated if I was a public figure and my spouse/ex/whatever posted my lack of control over my illness online, what a spiteful woman.

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Not watching it. None of my business.

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I guess he used the N word among all the others

I don’t understand why you posted this, what was the intention?

The television claimed he was mentally ill this morning

Here’s an article, I didn’t realize what all he’d had in the press, omg

And what? We need proof? What if it were you? Your nonsensical ramblings recorded and spreaded throughout the internet for anyone to see and laugh at and make the conclusion whether you’re mentally ill or not? Who are all these people to judge him, especially by furthering stigma?

I think he handled the situation well. We need more public figures to open up about their relationships and be role models for the rest of us like him. Kudos to Mr Gibson. Well done Mel.

Mel has a new movie coming out, haven’t seen a lot of Mel in his later years

Well the most simplistic reason is that his image took a hit when his true nature came out into the open. The result was that he lost his popularity and likability that had been built up from movies like the “Lethal Weapon” series and “Braveheart”. The end result was a drop in box office draw. So he either laid low on purpose maybe hoping that the public would forgive or forget his behaviors or maybe simply no one would hire him.
I doubt he will recover, but who knows? He may get his career back. Hollywood can give actors second chances.

she’s a golddigger…

I always like to give the benefit of the doubt to the person that seems to be put in a negative light. We don’t know what happened before. I only listened to a little bit but I think the reason why she sounded so calm was because she was taping the conversation. I’ve met people who would do this kind of thing and many times they are two-faced. Don’t agree with a lot of the things that mel gibson would say though. If she is married to him or something maybe she will try and use this to get money from him.

I hate when celebrities get ousted by others it paints us all in a negative light…plus people are dicks for accepting this sort of mob judgement on others mental states…