I think I’m a megalomaniac. I’m also considering picking up my old druggie habits. I wasn’t as paranoid then and maybe if I do I will die like I am supposed to instead of living an unlivable life. I’m tired of being tormented.

Have you been diagnosed?

Are you on medication?

I was diagnosed schizoaffective and I was on medication but I work at a Naturopathic Clinic and medication is bad for your kidneys and also can cause you to smell stinky so I haven’t been taking mine.

All medication isn’t ideal for your kidneys and it absolutely doesn’t cause you to smell.

At least my medication and every medication I’ve heard of doesn’t.

Sounds like you need to resume yours.

You want to go back to drugs or possibly die,

That’s very serious.

I think you should call your doctor and get in as soon as you can.

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My depression meds were OK but the SZ meds had side effects that made me feel really uncomfortable. Very similar to the feeling that comes from withdrawals from opiates.

Then you were on the wrong medication.

You need to communicate with your doctor and let them know about side effects.

They can put you on something different that’ll work better with your system.

Their benefits outweights any of their side effects. SZs can’t survive without meds.

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