Mega strong tobacco cravings

I need to resist! Gonna do some deep breathing exercises


i dont know why you dont invest in a vape. You can get the 10ml liqiuids here for a quid.


A vape is a really good idea. What nic concentrations are they allowed to sell int he UK?


Up to 20mg per ml


Vaping ruined my teeth for some reason

Ah so not very strong. In the US I think there is no limit

Ive gotten vapes at around 60 mg/mL

Whatd it do to your teeth?

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Over the course of three years it led to 4 broken teeth and jaw bone erosion

Oh wow. Maybe nicotine gum could help you then? Its relaxing and might satiate the oral fixation

I find needing to do something with my mouth is like %50 of the problem

Oh sorry mate - didnt realise it did your teeth in. I havent got any so dont have that problem lol.

It was just a thought.

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No cheers for the suggestion mate. Is appreciated. Just bought a bag of tobacco. Gonna see how I get on

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No problem. We all gotta have some vice, no point being ruddy miserable over a ciggy - lifes too short mate.

Dont beat yourself up just cos you needed a rollup :slight_smile:


You are a great pal mate.


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