Meetup and friends

I joined and meet people up in the SA,Depression and introversion meetup group since May of last year.I got to say it has improved my life and gives me more hope and place to social where people can relate and help each other.I also made some good friends where we Hang out 2-3 times a month,they have all recovered.

Also,I am still working out everyday,I quit playing sports to prevent injury so that I can focus on working out everyday.Working out is helpful and beneficial,although I don’t really enjoy it but it is meaningful to me.Its been 4 years of continuous working out for me,got to keep this going!!


I recently as in 1 week ago decided to get into shape. Today was my first leg day and I expect not being able to move tomorrow :sweat: that’s all very exciting though!

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You go gtx thats amazing accomplishment :smiley: