Meeting up

I wish there were some kind of meetup or get together where people in our situation could have a personal friendship (not dating). On medicine I feel more social and the desire to interact. Anyone else feel that way?

I’m gonna ask my doc to send me to therapy once I come back from vacation. One of my friends went and met a lot of people who were ill. He was just stressed, he’s not mentally ill. Anyway, maybe you can check with your doc? I would totally meet you if you visit Montreal. I remember this guy, telling me he met someone who was afraid of squirrels, we have a lot of them over here and apparently this person thought squirrels’ eyes were cameras and following him everywhere and spying on him. I don’t know what my doc is gonna say though, I would also like to do some psychotherapy.

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I’m in Michigan. Anyone in Michigan? :slight_smile:

There is a drop-in-centre for the mental ill near the city to me. Some of the guy here talk of club houses for them. So might be one around close to you. Hardest thing is finding these things as they tend to only be through word of mouth.

Main one for me was finding social groups for after 9-5 hours. Is definitely a need for it and an extremely lacking area.

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