Meeting somebody online dangers

I met this person on a dating site but more a specialist site for people who are asexual. We got talking and he seemed nice, we had a lot in common. We was only talking for less than a week and he told me he wanted to meet me and he can travel to my hometown on the train, this is over 90 miles away each way - told me he used a stick and and sometimes a wheelchair as he had chronic fatigue and hardly went out. He told me he was lonely… I told him about my mental health difficulties, he was accepting.

I didn’t have a problem with that but I felt it was too soon to meet. I did feel a little pressurised. I have never met anybody on a dating side before but I was thinking that we hardly know each other and he wants to meet, I didn’t know his second name, his home town, just his County or anything else about him. If he had chronic fatigue and uses a wheelchair it would be very hard to get here, he would have to commute via London, It did make me a little uncomfortable. I think he sounded desperate and that was really off-putting. I called the meeting off and said I wanted to get to know him better before we meet, he hasn’t contacted me in about 2 days now…

Do you think I did the right thing? Does wanting to meet somebody straight away without talking sound strange.? I did feel a little bad for letting him down…

You did the right thing.


Yes. Very right, indeed.

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