Meeting pdoc

Im on risperdal injection and 10 mg zyprexa.
Thinking of qutting risperdal and add something for sleep.
Ive been on risperdal for around 3 years.
I think its a bit hassle to get it and it makes me a bit flat. I have some symptoms now and then but i have improved which im glad for.
What do you think, is it too early to quit?

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Iā€™m on olanzapine too. It helps me sleep.

If I ever have to stop it, i fear not being able to sleep.

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Medication switches are usually very hard.

I try to avoid them.

Zyprexa doesnt help me fall asleep.
Yeah if we gotta stop it it will be a challenge for sure.
How long have you been on zyprexa?

Yeah, okay. Im gonna discuss with my pdoc.
My thoughts.

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Yeah make sure you let your doctor know your concerns @Umbrella

Good luck with everything

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