Meet Pepper(the robot), the future of customer service


“I’m sorry your response is not recognized. Please repeat in a slow monotone manner?”

If that’s the case I’ll be okay. Thanks for the share. :slight_smile:

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Meet Disco Robo

In preparation for the 2018 Winter Olympics, Seoul’s Incheon International Airport will roll out Airport Guide Robots and Airport Cleaning Robots.

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At least they won’t be able to make comments on my unhealthy food choices!

Back when I was a chef, the restaurant was plagued by idiot servers and idiot line cooks. I would personally be excited to own a restaurant where I’d only have to hire good staff and could get rid of the schmucks because there are robots to replace them. I’d also be able to pay the good staff who are left what they are worth.


@Erez_Shmerling , does a similar word with “schmuck” exist in Hebrew or Yiddish? It sounds like a Jewish or German word to me for some reason…

@Andrey it’s meaning in Yiddish is very rude, your private part.

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Is this not the origin of the insult?

Like calling someone a dick?

I love foreign insults, they’re the best :smile: