Meds That Might Actually Work?

I have been having symptoms for 4 years and was officially diagnosed with schizophrenia about 14 months ago. I’ve tried…
Abilify- caused weight gain and muscle stiffness in my eyes. Was on the max dose for a while but didn’t prove effective enough
Risperdal- caused extreme nausea even though was only on 2mg
Serequil- wasn’t on for long before was switched off of it
Clozapine- was on max dose which made me 97% better but caused my heart rate to stay at 120 or higher, caused really bad drooling, caused me to gain 65 pounds
Latuda- did absolutely nothing for me even though was on max dose
Haldol- was on average dose but it caused twitching in my face and gave me unbearable nightmares
Geodon- same results as latuda

I am very frustrated and am now refusing medication. I’m hoping to look into possibly trying ECT as a last result.

Does anyone have any suggestions of what I might be able to try that I haven’t yet?

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You could try some behavioral therapies possibly

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It is known for being as good at reducing anxiety as benzos but is long-acting and relatively safe.

I am going to ask my doc about it because my geodon has crapped out and is causing me heart conditions.

Vrylar is a new drug. At least one person here had a positive experience with it previously having tried abilify. Also REXULTI might be worth a go. But rexulti might be too like abilify.

Stelazine mentioned above is a first generation antipsychotic (correct me if I’m wrong)

I totally understand you.

The Risperdal is no longer working like it should for me - I can’t go higher or I will experience awful side effects.

I need to go on another antipsychotic but am tired of the medication go round game, I’ve been on many other APs which actually made my condition worse.

There are the newer partial dopamine agonist APs like Rexulti and Vraylar but I want to avoid increased agitation and anxiety.

I really do not know what to tell my pdoc when I see her - I am fed up.

My father wants me to try ECT - I want to avoid this.

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Invega works for me.

I have also tried saphris, zyprexa, and abilify and latuda.

I have been on invega through trying all of those other meds and found that it is the only thing that works without giving horrible side effects.

I’m on 12 mg.

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I understand that meds don’t seem to be working for me, but I know that psychotherapy won’t do crap. I can’t just talk away the homocidal/suicidal commanding voices, blood curling screams, visual hallucinations that follow me around, or paranoia. My sz is VERY extreme and I feel that I just need something more than therapys.

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Yes that’s very true. Hope you can find a med that helps

I take INVEGA. It was hell for the first two months but got better afterwards. It gave me akathisia and axiety but I take an antidepressant which helps with that. It’s the only one I’ve tried and tends to work well most of the time.

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@anon84763962 and @mouseymoo I have heard that INVEGA is just the industry’s way of repackaging Risperdal, that it works using the exact same sciences with one minor difference.

I was on olanzapine for a while starting out …the weight gain was really bad …then I went on the zyprexa,zydis which was a lot better then after another 5 years I got on saphris …was really good …losts a ton of weight on It …but gave me uncomfortable feeling for sleep and eventually after five years on it started giving me really bad akathasia …so Im looking to see my psychiatrist to go on something else . Any suggestions .anyone know of any new anti psychotics in development or basically we have only the two From late 2015 …rexulti and vrylar …I heard their trying this new drug out of medicinal marijuana …anyone know anything about that …

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Psycho did you take Saphris once a day or twice?

im on Saphris too 10 mg once at night

i feel unconfortable for sleep too with it

Navane worked really good for me, had to take cogentin with it. I was able to work and raise four children as a single mom. I developed this nerve pain after 10 yrs and had to switch. Was on abilify for ten years but it didn’t work very well and had to take other meds with it over the years. Again I developed this nerve pain with the abilify. Tried mellaril but the nerve pain was bad. Tried fanapt, the nerve pain was better and I stayed on it for like a year and then it just stopped working and I became schizophrenic. Since all meds seem to cause this nerve pain I decided to go back on the navane since it worked so good. I’m on a low dose of navane trying other drugs trying to get rid of this nerve pain. Trying vraylar. I will keep trying meds. No way will I get Ect.

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