Meds making me black out

My meds made me black out today…im trying to get custody of my oldest child so the lawyer wants pictures of my house. I blacked out on the kitchen floor and my one year old trashed the house. Im still blackong out i dont understand ive been on the same meds for a month. Should i be worried and go to the er doc or should i see if it gets better?

I would go to the ER doc. It might not be the medicine and could be something serious.

it could be anything? better go to the E R…sorry. I hate going but you shouldn’t drive while you’re blacking out…get some one you trust to take you? good luck.

Ah i hate going to the er i never blacked out before im kinda worried i feel a little better but still wobbly and disoriented.

yep, you need to call someone to come over and take you to E R dude…not good.

Go to the ER. As the other posters said, don’t drive. In fact you can’t drive at all until you see a doctor, so get it over and done with asap. Get a taxi.

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Could be spring fever. I was a little light headed at the gym today, myself.