Meds: less is more?

For those of you who’ve found this to be true, how “less” of an average dose are we talking about? What did you find to be the optimum dose of risperidone for instance where you found less to be more?

I used to do drugs… My mind would get wired up about all kinds of ■■■■. The best part was finally getting into bed and being able to just let the mind sort itself out. For me that position has always been filled with total dissociated escape. The world outside existed, but as a separate thing.

I lost my ability to do that when the illness(hallucinations) set in. My mind was paranoid and clingy.

Since I’ve started regaining that ability to drift and escape an entertain myself and forget the rest of the world, my psychosis seems to be diminishing.

You have to let go of everything and just enjoy the experience. The simple staring through the eyes experience, because that is the true human experience. All the ideological ■■■■ just gets in the way, especially for a SZ.

What I found to be true, is when I was on an average dose of my medication it made me feel like I had been drinking tequila the night before. It seems to make me more agitated, angry, and have a narrow focus on things. What I’ve found to be true, is too much of this medication makes it impossible for me to be able to function day to day in any real world way.

Although the medication at higher doses might create the appearance of a mellowing out effect to strangers, inside you’re actually more agitated. Some may say the medications weed out aggressive tendencies; however, in my experience at higher doses they make you actually more agitated but they weed out your ability to properly defend yourself and stand your ground when you’re in the right, which makes you less likely to get in altercations, or in other words, go out to social events like clubs and bars where you might be provoked, so it only masks the situation. So yeah, I think less is more.

I am on 2.5 mg of Risperdal, this is considered to be a low dose, but still at therapeutic levels.

I can probably go as low as 2 mg - I have gone under 2mg to 1.5 mg before, but I started mood cycling, so my pdoc raised it.

Do you think your psychosis was marijuana induced?

My first hallucinations became present directly with consumption of marijuana.

That was after 7 years of smoking. 2 years without pot and I’d have to say no. Thc is not the backbone of my psychosis.

Thc has a strong link to bringing sz to the surface, but it is not the cause itself.

Sad though I think the schizo types are drawn to weed heavily. Only making things more complicated. The life they have without psychosis is caught up in addiction. The life they have in psychosis is caught up in subtle guilt for the drugs they used to do.

I know what it’s like to be young and passionate about drug use. There was no argument back then, but I also had no understanding of mental illness.

Just a tough situation all around.

Don’t do drugs and you’ll never know. do the drugs and you take a risk.

I’m glad I’ve done the drugs. I understand that aspect of humanity now. I’m hoping in a decade or so I’ll be where I should be. On the right track.

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