Meds is it a mistake i did?

i have fellow in my university who is same with schizo and say to me when i asked him

  • if he take medicines
  • he say to me i dont take medicines
    -so what you do ?how you handle this strong disease
    -i…i watch movies! he meant by that english movies action , horror , fiction , scientific ,…ectra
    -for me i take medicines go on with psychiatrist i dont watch movies alot but i learn english through podcasts and videos on youtube
    -now i feel symptoms sometime they are lesser and sometimes they are too much than anytime before
    -sometime i feel they full control me
    -has i made mistakes to take medicines?? guys
    -will he (my fellow) recover faster than me ??
    -i feel he is better than me of course i not sure about his case dont know for sure
    of how he is doing but dont know if i shouldnt have gone to psychiatrist or not ?
    -i feel my symptoms are much sever than he is and he didnt fail too much times in college as i did
    -what do you think guys of what i said to you ?
    souldnt i gone to psychiatrist ??
    thanks in the fastest train

If he’s getting by without medication apparently he has a very mild case. If he can watch movies he’s in pretty good shape.