Meds for fatigue

I’m taking the following meds. How can I get more energy and remove fatigue without stimulants ?

Clozapine 275mg
Clobazam 20mg
Valproic acid 200mg
Paroxetine​ 25mg


Vraylar was good for me.

lol I don’t wanna suggest what I really wanna suggest. Coffee is a stimulant but not too bad if u don’t drink that already… <3 coffee. Modafinal is a vigilance/smart drug. But similar to a stimulant. Very expensive though.

I’d suggest drink coffee with caffeine. Great for keeping one awake. Vigorous exercise is another one to give you more stamina and energy.

I know that Effexor works on the norepinephrine in your brain as well as the serotonin. You might get a lift from that.

I know it’s difficult but keeping busy more.
Distracting yourself

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Strong coffee does the trick for me