Meds for bipolar depression

I’ve been on Abilify, and I’m looking for other partial agonists that may be effective in tackling my symptoms. Abilify gives me terrible akathisia that affects me socially. I have a lot of anxiety that usually builds as my main symptom. Question regarding Geodon…is it a partial agonist or full agonist? Is it effective for bipolar depression?

My pdoc thinks I definitely have bipolar with psychotic features when things get bad. He says I still may have sz too though. He’s not sure at this point. I agree with him.

I’m mainly looking for something that can help tackle the bipolar depression I’ve been going through. I know there are meds out there specifically for bipolar depression (lamictal) and I’m also doing some research on those.

I meet with my psychiatrist tonight. Hoping to get some things sorted out.

Intra-Cellular's Caplyta could cruise toward blockbusterland with bipolar depression win: analyst.

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I take Rexulti 3 mg and Cymbalta 120 mg for my treatment resistant bipolar depression. I’ve been so bad I was in the bed for years. I also take Saphris 20 mg and Topamax 400 mg.

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I don’t know about the Geodon.
I, however, don’t take Abilify because of the akathesia.

I’ve heard a lot of success stories with Abilify.

I’m on Depakote for mood stablization, and Cymbalta, for depression.

The combination seems to be helping, but to answer your original question, for bi polar, there are some standard medications, and Abilify seems to be a winner.

I hope someone can answer you on your Geodon question, but I’ve heard of Ziprasidone, on this forum.

As far as I know, Abilify, Rexulti and Vraylar are the only partial agonists.

Someone posted here an article about partial agonists and the best one for akathisia is Rexulti.

I am not sure about Caplyta sources say its a partial agonist at presynapse but antagonist at postsynapse. I guess I will never know unless I study pharmacology lol

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Geodon is not a partial dopamine agonist, like @Bowens said the ones I know are Abilify, Rexulti and Vraylar. Maybe Caplyta too but not sure.

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I’m on perphenazine but I’m going to mention abilify. I took it before I just don’t remember why I stopped taking it.

Abilify is a good med. Only problem for me with it is that I get terrible akathisia on it personally

Upon discussion with pdoc, we will be trying Caplyta again. One of the main reasons that things went downhill is that I was abusing drugs

Time to stay clean and give the Caplyta a real shot :slightly_smiling_face:

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Best of luck with it :four_leaf_clover: