Meds experiment - olanzapine vs lamotrigine

So I take minimum doses of my meds

  • amisulpride 200mg
  • olanzapine 2,5mg
  • lamotrigine 150mg

The amisulpride I discovered by trial and error is essential for my psychosis and hypomania

The lamotrigine I also discovered is essential because last year when I went down to 100mg I relapsed into severe depression for two months, even after pushing it back to 150mg.

The olanzapine I’m not too sure is essential. Before the days of taking lamotrigine I used to need at least the 2,5mg, and when I stopped taking it, I went into a depression a week later.

But now I’m thinking - if I increase the lamotrigine maybe I won’t need the low dose of olanzapine?

I’m thinking of trying it - to increase my lamotrigine to 175mg and stop the low dose of olanzapine for a week and see what happens. If I’m ok then I can quit taking olanzapine. And if not then I can resume it.

I would not make changes without consulting your pdoc… also it takes more than one weeks sometimes for meds to kick in to there full effect… whatever you do please speak to your pdoc…

I Think it sounds Good.
But i warn you, zyprexa is hard coming off.