Meds dor eneegy

I feel very out of energy, there are some meds for a upper state?

I know there’s something based on amphetamine

I thought you had a benzo problem,

You should probably avoid any drug with abuse potential,

Like uppers.

I don’t have a problem. Why?uppers are bad for psychosis?

“I take a couple uppers, I down a couple downers” Eminem d12 baby purple pills

Why are you trolling this website?

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Have a cup of coffee or tea.

Not a gallon. Like a cup.

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I don’t even know how to troll, sorry thou

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I am at my 5 latte

You said in a different post that you take 20mg of benzo everyday and asked if that was bad,

Now your asking if you should get on amphetamines?

Sounds like you have a serious drug problem or are trolling us.

Or both.

Whats the deal?

I only have left diazepam which makes my very sleepy

I exercise, am fit and it helps a great deal energy wise.
And my fitness is about to improve further, and hopefully my energy levels as well.

If you are taking that much benzo, that’s probably why you’re tired.

Yea you’re right, probably i should stay only with benzos + I don’t think my doc will prescribed me uspers

Stop feeding the troll.


This is not a very good troll attempt lol.

For the topic at hand, you can try Metformin. @anon73425833

I guess I missed something.

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Maybe I did too.
I apologize @twinklestars


Try an energy drink…

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