Meds came in early

Thank god…I still had some ap left…but I was out of gabapinton…it helps with negative symptoms…was feeling too down to post…didn’t wanna infect anyone with negative thinking…

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I’m glad the gabas work for you :thumbsup:

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Moved to DX’d - Other

Happy for you, man :slight_smile:

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I’ve been challenged with a buttheaded doctor going on vaca and not returning calls amidst a med change… The second time…

I also havent vented that here until just now… I’m moving on with a new doc and a new facility today… Please send kind vibes and I am for you :grinning:

What does "flame of the Rhine " mean @flameoftherhine ?

A long time ago the vikings had pillaged a lot of Germany…they were headed down the Rhine river with a ■■■■ ton of loot…the loot ship sank and the treasure has yet to be recovered…thus giving it the nick name the flame of the Rhine… @HuckFinn


Neat… I was just reflecting on the plausibility of viking philosophy of war in contrast to the passivity of Christianity…

I personally think they are both as plausible as each other

This mentions a version of Loki…

If I could fly the night of the high wondering signs of your dreams amidst the fires of hearts I would believe the trixter fell at the moon leaving all the stars to you and I. I would believe in these stars of night where Perhaps the design of willow trees and waves at seas are for your soul, where Perhaps the burning breeze in my eye is more than any could know, where Perhaps wonder is the answer to sew

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The Christians used the vikings like fighting dogs…this passive perception of Christianity is a facade…they whored our people and converted or killed everything they touched…this point in history was overly violent…christians bought the viking king…its a very sad story of greed…

I agree. It is an atrocious facade.

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Turn my back for one minute! :older_woman:

Just a (3,486,971st) reminder that religious topics are discouraged, and that this extends to topics that are intolerant of religion as well.