Meds are overrated

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Oh poor girl.
May you find peace


Yeah, you sound healthy.

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Does your dr and staff know you quit taking meds?

Yes they know obviouslh

I don’t believe you’re off meds.

No. It’s not obvious. You fight the system regularly. I’m glad they know.

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Do I care? No.

You are simply not credible and you’re in care.

They see how you act,

They’re not letting you off meds because you want to be.

Stop starting threads with this nonsense.

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It is the truth not some delusional nonsense some people here write

Im afraid that without meds you will reach a breaking point. I went off meds for four years before i landed myself in the hospital for 30 days.

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You definitely need to shove it with that kind of talk.

You are wildly unstable and spew nonsense all the time.

You’re not off meds, you’re just attention grabbing.


I’m happy without meds. Stop claiming you know everything

I don’t know everything.

But I know enough not to trust what you say.

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Idk how to prove to you that I’m without meds

How long were you on them?
Just curious.

You can say meds are overrated, that’s fine. Just don’t come complaining on here if you have a relapse or an episode again in the foreseeable future.


Medicine can’t fix SZ or any other MI, but it can make you able to be strong enough to reduce your symptoms by your own effort


When I was 15 years old I had thought broadcasting I thought I would not get worse at 16 years old I was hearing voices I thought I would not get worse at 18 years old I was having “affairs” with anime chatacters in my mind (laugh) and beliving I was living in a simulation I got so insane that I masturbated in front of my family sure maybe you don’t get worse or maybe you do who knows like you I thought I could live without meds learned my lesson the hard way.

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For most folk it’s not an option but good luck with it all. We are pro meds simply because it works for most members. We’ve heard this all before so closing to keep the peace.