Med's are fine when your younger

Proper Nutrition , hobbies, workouts like pickleball, softball, basketball, racquetball - riding a bike or motorcycle - LiViNg in WiFi land most of my time and sleeping - I say I’m okay, I have a simple uneventful life and they all Look - They all know and guess what - ■■■■ Them - Break thru the barriers - You are unstoppable - I always knew …A shrink told me a long time ago that this illness lessons as you age - yeah and fk her too


Idk, im young. And i feel like the metabolic effect and weight gain has ruined my selfesteem and fitness

Spirituality, Nutrition - Exercise and a good Therapist are Hallmarks to a better life - I wish one method helped us all


When I was young I could periodically reverse weight gain, and work hard without pain. In the long run however I slowly gained weight. When I got older I gained weight only, and my joints fell apart.

My weight sky rocketed when i first started the meds, its been stable a few years now but i hardly bother to exercise i haven’t got the willpower or inclination anymore, too much effort. I have diabetes for a year but it runs in my family so no big surprise there.
As i get older i just figure its pretty random who gets what whether it be heart disease or cancer or stroke etc, happens to people randomly, life style ok it does deter slightly but you hear of athletes and skinny people getting sick too. So its just a random thing imo
Im 44 so have a bit of life left in me fingers crossed

Edit the meds are a necessity i can’t live without at this point and i really don’t trust that symptoms lesson with age its a neurological condition so i doubt it

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meds and alcoholism triggered my diabetes

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