Meds and sleep schedule

Is it possible to fix your sleep schedule while on meds? It seems impossible I go to bed at 9 in the morning and wake up at 4 in the afternoon I feel awful because of it but it literally seems impossible to fix while on antipsychotics

I recommend an alarm and taking the pills same time everyday. You can develop a better routine but it does take some dedication and being smart about when you take your meds. I take ap at night. Antidepressant in the mornings as it gives me a bit of a kick.

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I’m on the depot this invega gives me terrible insomnia though

Yeah it’s hard. Akithisia can bite too. Still. Set an alarm and force yourself up at a reasonable time in the morning. You might need a nap but you can slowly change things around and get a better routine. Being organised really does help with things.

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Thanks I will try

I used Levomepromazine to build my sleep back up again

Once I had established a routine after a couple of months, I came off them, and my sleep has been ok since.

Sounds like your routine is definitely the issue here.

It can be fixed whilst on AP’s, you just need to work at it gradually

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I used to sleep ok when I was on Risperidone, then Olanzapine. When I switched to Aripiprazole in May 2020, I started having trouble sleeping. Aripiprazole is excellent for me and stopped a lot of problems, so I’m just going to live with the sleep problems side effect.

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Invega work’s good but it gives me terrible insomnia as well.

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Invega made me sleep less than I needed.
Mirtazapine made me oversleep.
I got off them and now I think my sleep schedule is more natural.

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