Meds and Relapse

I just scheduled an urgent appointment with my doctor and I’m showing signs of relapse.
I’m not sure if Latuda is working well for me.

I’m not sure if I have schizophrenia or delusional disorder but my symptoms are so normal sounding that people around me don’t know I’m sick including me.

I don’t know if I should change my medication or do what… I hope tomorrow my doctor will try to help me.

Last time I was there, he suggested a med for me called respiridone… I don’t want to gain weight most of all but I have already put on 15-18 pounds on Latuda alone and I don’t think I am doing very well.

I really hope your doctor can help you. Would you like to share the symptoms you’re having? Maybe we can be helpful too.

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Thank you @anon9798425 :o)

I calmed down a little. Gonna make coffee and chillax…

In general since I moved to this new place a month ago… I’m thinking of leaving the country. Mainly escaping. I guess I feel emotional detachment and I feel like a stranger who doesn’t belong. I’m doing some crazy stuff too like talking to strangers on dating sites and making too many plans. Usually some of my personality traits are exaggerated when I get sick. I feel pretty sane though so I am showing some mild symptoms. I am also drinking too much and it’s been a very long time that I am drinking too much. I need to stop it immediately and once and for all.

I guess now that I think about it. the most logical thing to do is take 40 mg of geodon in the morning and 40 mg at night. I will lose the weight too on that med instead of trying a completely new med.

It was much better medication than anything I have taken. I hope my doctor will agree with me tomorrow.

I was also so much happier on that med and had a full time job.


risperdal made me gain 100 pounds in a year and 3 months. Hopefully you dont get that side effect

The talking to strangers on dating sites and drinking too much worries me. It reminds me of how I get when I’m hypomanic. I hope you will tell your doctor about this, it might influence his decisions. But I’m glad you’ve calmed down a little. Maybe you will feel more at home once you’ve lived there for a while? I don’t know. But try not to make any rash choices that you could end up regretting.

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Hi @sleepybug i think you are too much stress to be on foreign country.most people share this kind of problems when they at foreign country.i was relapse when i was australia.i thought my wife is agent who want to be arrest me.since i m at mother country i don t have any relapse 6 years.maybe you should take a trip to your mother country.i hope you get ok soon.

I have been living abroad for 11 years now… how on earth am I gonna re establish myself in a third world country?

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Canada is a great country. You have a job and partner, that means live well. Why you back to your mother country?
Many people leave home country to other country. It is normal now.

maybe I am just a little delusional for now. Maybe it’s only because of the alcohol with meds. I’ve been drinking every day

Well, drinking is very bad for sz patients.