Meditation is one way to cure Psychosis

I don’t know but a lot of people do not rate Meditation too highly. I do believe it has tremendous capacity to limit the symptoms and eventually cure Psychosis.

The research in this field is very limited and could be business related (The Pharma companies do not want people to be recovered by Meditation).

The Meditation I recommend is Vipassana/Buddhist/Awareness/Choiceless Awareness/Insight Meditation techniques taught by Buddhism, Osho , J Krishnamurthi among others. This meditation has scientific data that it definitely increases the:

a. Grey matter in the brain.
b. Increases general awareness
c. Increases intelligence.

I think Meditation should definitely be promoted more.


I’ve been using meditation for over a year it helps with stress and anxiety but I don’t see it curing anything I still don’t feel right lately

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Is that the same thing as mindfulness? It definitely works.

Yes the same - Mindfulness.

Claiming it can cure psychosis is a bit far fetched

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Don’t you think that if something as simple as meditation really cured psychosis effectively that it would be in widespread use already?

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I do not for a minute think that “letting go” (which is essentially what is meditation) is as easy as it seems … Especially for a humanity obsessed with craving , impatience and desire .

It takes an enormous will power combined with ethical behaviour combined with morality to reach a state of consciousness where letting go would be easy and believe me it is not that easy.

So meditation does help - only the correct technique abs effort is needed . The problem is that most of the modern meditation teachers are charlatans themselves and do no help to others . But the correct method when applied ana practicing letting go does help a lot.

I’m gonna start meditating and therapy soon but I’ve always loved Osho. I own so many of his books. Love him :revolving_hearts:

I also used to read a lot Omraam Mikahel Aivanhov, he’s a Bulgarian philosopher and talks a lot about meditation. His last book I read was called ‘faith that moves mountains’ Love him :two_hearts:

Actually, there’s a lot of research, and the pile is growing very rapidly. The vast majority says it’s beneficial. I could spend a half hour digging up 20 or more citations, but I’m no longer that co-dependent.

Osho - Never born never died but visited the earth between 1931 to 1990.

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Will read about him thanks !

My greatest teacher is the first perfectly enlightened one - The Buddha.

I’ve read Osho , Gudrief, bikkhu bodhi , nanavira Thera, ajahn brahm and others.

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interesting, I’m fascinated by Buddhism and asian culture. where are you from?

India - probably the only Buddhist here.

Buddhism was killed in my country 600 years back. I am still looking for fellow Buddhists here in my country :slight_smile:

oh cool. I used to live in Dubai and had a lot of Indian friends. Most were from Goa, I was even invited to a wedding there but couldn’t go at the time. One day for sure. I just remembered the story siddhartha a great book.

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Nice :blush: . Siddhartha is a fine book I agree

No, it’s not unfortunately. Stop spreading crap like that.


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No Pain , No Gain. case closed.

I can show you documented evidence of benefits of meditation for psychosis.

Show me a single case where SZ has been cured due to Medications.

There is no cure for Sz…

The meds do help with some symptom management…

But with therapy and mindfulness and meditation and other coping tools… I’ve been able to cope on lower doses.

I do value meditation… but I still need my meds.

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