how many of us are not high functioning or low functioning but rather mediocrefunctional to the degreeand make some poor decisions due to environmental stress

i think i’m low functioning rather than mediocre. i do what i have to bcoz i have kids but my house is always a mess…i have periods of insanity cleaning when i’ll stay up all night and gut the place but they’re few and far between. i wish i was high functioning :frowning:

I think I’m sort of average functioning. I think that if I was high functioning I would have been working.

I think I’m in the middle

Me too, I’m also medium functioning. I manage ok with looking after my husband, driving him around and cooking and cleaning the house, but if I was high-functioning I would do more cleaning than I do now and probably get a job. I would be more independent and have more initiative, but instead I am lazy with priorities and procrastinate in things.

I can make it look like I am higher functioning than I am for a short period of time

i’m high low - mediuum