Medicine doesnt work discussion

I discovered that medicine I am not talking specifically about schizophrenia but I am talking that If someone gets run over by a car he wont be able to heal
Epilepsy has 20-40% rate resistency
blood pressure diseases can be resistent
any very badly broken bone will stay broken forever

Dont you think its time to give up on medicine?

Doctors know only to prescribe and do operations

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Well you can’t compare schizophrenia to getting run over by a car

Medicine has been around for millennia

It’s not perfect and never will be but it’s the best we have in many facets of living

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Just take your meds, take therapy, stay busy and you’ll be fine.

Dont forget support groups like this forum as well, for help.

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A lot of people would be dead without medication. Asthma, diabetes, some cancers. The trick might be preventing illness in the first place.


I would have been dead decades ago without conventional medicine. Wouldn’t have lived long enough to be able to complain about having schizophrenia, which I’m also coping with just fine.

Yay for docs and meds. Boo superstition and ignorance.


Gene therapy promises to fix a lot of problems, and may replace the need for many drugs.


I would’ve died at age 10, from type 1 diabetes, but man-made insulin saved my life and keeps me alive to this day. I have 24/7 infusion of insulin.

On the opposite end, glucagon injections have saved my life many times, when my blood sugar was so low that I went unconscious.

Albuterol, via rescue inhaler, has saved me countless times from dying of an asthma attack.

Antibiotics have saved me when I had UTI’s. One UTI turned into a kidney infection, once, and I was hospitalized. IV antibiotics bounced my kidneys back from acute kidney failure.

I’m excited to be alive and breathing. Without modern medicine, I’d be in the ground long ago.


Genetic engineering is the future of medicine. Imagine one day hundreds of years from now a kid cut his arm deep.

He takes a temporary gene modifier and his body rapid heals. I think these kind of things will be possible and humans will become God like.

Or maybe nuclear fall out and we go back to sticks and stones

I’m an optimist though

Meds work well for me. I live largely without the paranoia that crueled my life for far too many years. Yeah it’s not the most accurate technology but meds do make a difference to our community in a more positive way.


About epilepsy, car crash/SCI, etc

Most people with epilepsy cannot control their seizures without meds. Seizures can kill them or push them into exhaustion.

Some people who have SCI from car crashes need to rely on medications and supplemental oxygen. Some can die without them.

For myself, living without my medications and supplements can mean a poor quality of life. Without them, my physical health would greatly suffer and can land me into the ER. In fact, I almost went to the ER in severe exhaustion.

Schizophrenia is just the same as any other life-threatening medical condition which needs medications to manage them.

It was my General Practitioner who got me free of tobacco.

Depends what you mean by work. Yes it does work. Medicine is an attempt to better people’s illness as much as possible. It’s not just here take this pill 100% cured instant. That’s not how the world works. But yes it can drastically improve people’s health especially if theirs a ton of time effort and trial and error put into developing a treatment plan.

I would have been dead from lack of sleep at 15 had they not started me on olanzapine.

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