Medicinal Herb May Relieve Worsening Symptoms of Schizophrenia


Study found it helpful for negative symptoms alongside medication.


The effectiveness of all types of current regular medication to treatment the onset of schizophrenia are just a first aid to save the biological life" stop collapse of bio system" regardless of cause nature, and are not a specific treatment for the sz itself (causative factor) or the mental symptoms

The current medication" whatever it is" aiming many different medical means to modify the current biochemistry of brain to restoration its original position (no matter the cause),and have no direct effectiveness on the causative factor itself and psychological symptoms
This means that,the current medication do not treatment the cause itself or even the mental,cognition and behavior symptoms of schizophrenia,but immunity means is the way to deal with the cause or the symptoms


I take it. I notice it makes me feel better. The only side effect so far is upset stomach.


How much do you take daily? How long have you been taking it? If you don’t mind me asking. :slight_smile: