Medication 💊

So I’m on invega 3mg every 3rd day have been on this dose day schedule for a while no inner dialogue no positives still get negative, I tapered down with doctors approval from 9 to 6 to 3 to every second day to every third day and I was thinking to stop one day but when I asked my doctor they say stay on but I think because I don’t take every day and on a low dose what’s the point taking it, what do you think?

You could always try and then go back on it if you feel symptoms. Depends how long you have been stable. I guess the only way to find out is to try, but at the same time if it’s not very inconvenient to take it, is it worth the risk of a relapse.

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If you’re adamant about stopping it, tell your pdoc and family or whoever is on your emergency contact list at your local hospital first. That way, if you relapse and it’s really bad, they’ll figure out how to help you a lot easier.


The final dose of medication before complete cessation may also be a predictor of relapse because it might represent a large “step down” in dopaminergic (or other target) blockade

That could be one reason. They Invega comes in 1.5mg right? Why not try that first and then either half or go every other day

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I’m going to skip the 300 mg qutiapine pill I take tomorrow because I can’t feel any effect of that one.

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I wouldn’t recommend dropping that much at once. 25-50% reduction is heaps. Think about your sleep.