My pdoc is supposed put me on adderall/vyvanse and a benzo something to make me more calm/anxious :neutral_face:
I think it’s going to valium/activan/or xannz
Any experience with adderall/vyvanse? combined with benzo

what is your diagnosis, no, I know nothing about Adderall.

Hope it’s a good cocktail for ya, doesn’t hurt to try, if doc says so.

Schizophrenia/schizoaffective (my voices like to make loud noises when i sleep ie doors slamming,

yeah, even on meds, I hear knocking on the door, or even the doorbell. Nobody’s there. Do you get noise campaign too, like lots of loud static?

never heard of noise campaign what that

ahhh, it’s been so long, I hardly remember but it was deafening noise.

others might know about the combo you’re gonna try, but remember, we’re not doctors.

yea just wanted to see what im in store for

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