Medication time swap

I am taking 30 mg of latuda at night after dinner, however, it is making me slightly sleepy, which causes me to go to bed and miss out on seeing my husband. I want to change it to after breakfast, but, how should I do it? Take tonight’s dose and then another in the morning or skip tonight’s and take one in the morning?

Give your pharmacist a call and ask him and he’ll give you the correct answer.

Phone calls really scare me. I really am avoiding the klonopin today.

i am not a doctor-but maybe once your system becomes used to the effects, you won`t be quite as sleepy.
I agree with Twang thought-talk to your doctor or pharmacist

Maybe take it a little later in the evening, closer to bedtime?

Well, I thought about that, but, it makes me ridiculously nauseous if I don’t take it with food, even if I recently ate.

Didn’t think about that… Do you need to eat a lot of food or would a light snack help?

A substantial meal. I tried a banana, but, it was a no go.

It wouldn’t be a big deal for me if I skip a dose. It’s just ONE day out of the thousands of days you got left in your life! Everybody is different but I couldn’t see you relapsing after missing a dose once. I miss doses all the time of my resperidone. And my welbutrin and my cogentin. But I guess some people might be more sensitive to their medication than others.