Medication/Supplement Thread

What are you taking ?

Invega Trinza depot
Caffeine 200mg
Phenibut 250mg
Nicotine 50mg

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Clozapine 200mg
Abilify Maintena 400mg three weekly

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Daily Essential Nutrients by Hardy Nutritionals, 1/3rd dose

John Ellis water

small amounts of caffeine hourly, like 12 mg thereabouts, for my head pressure

grape juice / yam diet, low neuroinflammation, going to expand into more veg foods as time passes

Have to ramp up my potassium and sodium for better stomach acid production.

Ap prescribed 2 mg Haldol but haven’t taken any in the past 2 days, only a PRN to me for a bad spot. I am managing decently.

Total gluten / dairy avoidance.

Need fresh flax oil, seems like a good idea for the omega 3s.

Feeling really good, basically normal, from time to time. It’s a neuroinflammatory balancing act.


I fell in love with coffee when I went back on medication. Great for concentration.

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I boiled a 100 mg caffeine pill in 8 tbsp water, and take a small sip from that hourly. I don’t get a buzz but my brain pressure shifts to positive somewhat. It’s really hard to make consistent.

I actively avoid coffee / tea now. Don’t really miss it. Coffee’s super-inflammatory. Don’t want to mess with it. Black tea is kinda nice but it’s always high in fluoride, the plant just sucks it out of the ground. Eventually calcifies your pineal gland. Not into that.

My bevvy of choice is 1/3rd dilute 100% concord grape juice (Welch’s.) Some optimized healing property about that.

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risperdal consta 50mg depot / 2weekly
Clozapine 200mg / day
Sertraline 50mg / day
L-thyroxine 75 microgram / day

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800mg Amisulpride
5mg Diazepam
300mg Pregabalin
20mg Statin

I stopped several medications myself recently, as it was my view I am over-medicated and have farrr too many dx’s

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I hear ya.

I was on Epival, alongside Invega, and literally could not do anything. I told my pdoc I wanted to drop it because it gave me negative symptoms and he was okay with it.

Mine CPN was supportive.

He takes the lead, and the pdoc listens to him as he knows me best.

They want me on less meds.

Not sure if I have gone too far or not, but time will tell.

The depression and anxiety dx’s can do one as far as I am concerned

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25mg Lamictal
10mg Zyprexa
30mg Buspirone
75mg Effexor

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7.5 mg Mirtazapine
10 mg Zyprexa
Ibuprofen as needed

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I take two 200 mg caffeine pills daily. I’ve consumed so much caffeine in my life it has little effect on me. I’ve also been drinking a pot of green tea every day. It is very soothing. Green tea is what they derive L-theanine from.


I sometimes go for 3 pills a day if I’m in a good mood.

Coffee + L Theanine = legendary mix.

I combine Coffee + Phenibut and my negative symptoms go away for about 3 hours.

Here’s a good link for Coffee + L Theanine.

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