Medication Scheduling Program Ideas

I need a project. I’ve been working on games too long. I want to help people and do something productive. I’m thinking of writing a medication scheduling program for the mentally ill.

The general idea is that people would input the meds they are taking, when they need to take them, and how many they have. Then the program will alert people as to when they need to take a dose and send reminders when their supply is getting low.

If you would ever use such a program, what kind of features do you think would be important? I’m looking for some ideas as to what to include in it.

The program would be free. I’m not one of those “Mary Ellen Copeland / Bill MacPhee” people who try to get rich off the backs of the mentally ill.

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I think this is a great idea! I tried to create a program like this for my Health Informatics course, but I’m not that good of a programmer.

Is it possible for the program to send reminders when the program isn’t open? Like either on your desktop or via email?

Thank you for wanting to help us all! I think that’s an awesome thing to do!



that’s a brilliant idea! u could expand it for physical meds too. u could even send emails on the customers behalf to drs surgeries for refills so the patient doesn’t have to worry. xxx