Medication, menstruation and asexuality

Hi, so do you think if medication makes you have not have menstruation you can change and feel like an assexual? I have no sexual desire and I have been like this for like 6 months now also have no menstruation.

i dun think they make u asexual if the meds combo r right…i think u shd talk to ur pdoc for this if it happen

Yes. Zyprexa stopped my menstruation, haldol lessened it. It returned upon stopping. :frowning:

All meds killed my libido.

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Theres nothing wrong with not having libido, i wouldn’t call it “asexuality” just that the meds for whatever reason have given you a greater chastity perhaps by reducing the amount of horomones your body produced. Many people would consider it a blessing

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It was kind of peaceful and calm in a way and helped me not do anything stupid. But im happy it is back and can imagine she misses it.

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Which medication are you on?

I’m on clozapine and seroxat for over ten years
I have no libido at all
However clozapine has not stopped my period
Some of the other antipsychotic like amisulpiride stopped periods I didn’t like that side effect it not natural

You need a birth control that thins the lining of the uterus because that can lead to cancer. That’s what my doctor told me