Medication May Not Be the Sole Reason for Sleepiness in Psychosis Patients


I sleep 9 hrs a night and walk 10 miles a day. I’m still tired throughout the day. Its the antipsychotic!


I suffer from sleepiness and low energy from the illness too, yeap :confused: … And this, since long, since a teenager, even before the meds… I wonder how many people have this kind of symptom? I hate it, it steals hours of my life still…

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The days when I have a high activity level I sleep an hour longer.

Dude you’re a legend idk how you do it. I have zero energy and I’m only on 10mg abilify

I sleep about 9h per night and never nap during the day. No sleep issues.

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i sleep about 10 hours per night… i don’t feel too sleepy during the day though… when i was in psych ward i would take naps during the day but at home i don’t.

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This is a timely post for me because I just started melatonin, the over-the-counter sleep hormone. I started it because I couldn’t sleep, read about other people’s use on the forum and read the below papers.

The first paper shows melatonin is low in psychosis while the 2nd paper might explain why.