Medication, it's not everything

I am not against medication but it’s not everything. Apart from one year off I’ve been on some form of medication since late 1973. Am I near recovery and optimal functioning? Can pigs in concrete boots fly?


I haven’t find my right combinations…have u find anyother stuff that is good for ur symptoms…

I trust nothing niether medicine nor doctors …what to do…!!!

Having made the first post I would like to say it might have been a little different if I’d just had mental illness to contend with. The undiagnosed ASD/NVLD/learning difficulties?, and the failure to recognise and therefore help and support them ,made things more complicated.

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Is it realistic to presume that taking a medication (s) will result in recovery (need definition) and optimal functioning? Is that the goal of medications?

I believe the goal of medications in regards to a person with schizophrenia is to reduce positive and negative symptoms. Even if medications eliminate positive and negative symptoms I don’t believe it will result in recovery or optimal functioning.

Comparing schizophrenia to say cancer is simply an inaccurate.analogy because a person with schizophrenia (a brain-based illness) usually presents symptoms between ages 15-35.Thus, generally speaking, a person with schizophrenia has not developed sufficient coping skills to reach recovery or optimal functioning. However, I believe that once the sufficient coping skills are learned I see no reason why that person with schizophrenia cannot reach recovery or optimal functioning.

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Unless all issues/problems are taken on board, and appropriate help and support given, that is never going to happen.

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I feel developing personal coping skills and understand your illness and triggers is also highly important.