Medication - It can help

I read many posts from people who aren’t on meds. Some claim to be able to function without medication and if that’s the case then great. There are many however who aren’t doing well off meds but are reluctant to take them. The most common complaint seems to be side effects.

I know everyone is different and reacts differently to medication but I can’t help but think that many just aren’t giving the medications a chance. Some medications have serious side effects but there are so many medications available these days that the chances are good that a person will find something that doesn’t cause issues.

Maybe it’s because I’ve taken a lot of old school psych meds that I don’t see the minor side effects as a problem. I remember injections of Haldol and Prolixin, taking old anti-depressants, and the constant doses of Cogentin to combat the harsh side effects. Today’s meds seem so mild as far as side effects go.

I guess what I’m writing is that it can take time to find the right medication, the right dosage and even the right combination of meds before you can get some relief from this illness. Give them a chance. Unless you’ve tried the majority, and there are many many drugs available, you really can’t say meds don’t work or are too harsh.

Nobody needs to suffer.


I agree. Take your meds. No lessons to be learned in quitting your meds other than the obvious. Malvok, now that I have you on the line, what are your thoughts on medical marijuana for treating nuisance side effects?

I’m opposed to marijuana in general but if they make a pill that doesn’t get you high but helps symptoms then that’s cool.

what can we do as individuals to make sure this is done sooner than later?

I doubt there’s much we can do, aside from the normal process of activism and raising awareness.

I take my meds, and Fluanxol injection. It is still long way to go to gain enough insight into this illness. Thank you for the kind advice and reminder.

An excellent post on how to take medication. Thank you Malvok.

I’ve been on trilafon, which is one of the older ones. It doesn’t really seem to do anything