Medication helps for the most part

Compared to most people here I’m not sure what I’ve experienced are full blown delusions or just intensely over strong,episodic odd thoughts.
The vast majority used to be about having female parts. Since regular medication I’ve not had those thoughts. Medication helps therefore it must’ve been delusion thinking?

The one that remains and is probably? more intense anxiety than delusion is the bedtime triggered “There’s someone else in the flat”. It’s easy to reality test , but still a very incessant thought. That happens less frequently,but hasn’t totally gone.

All in all though medication does a reasonable job when it comes to such things . It’s certainly a lot better than nothing.


Just posted a similar post at virtually the same time! Lol. Great minds think alike!

I hadn’t seen that thread. but have just had a look.

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I think we posted at exactly the same time lol

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