Medication for thought broadcasting delusions?


I’ve found that some ‘telepathic’ transactions were genuine but also discovered that those transactions frightened me so much that I began forcing my thoughts down in public

Ironic Process theory says you that can’t NOT think of something because your mind will force it back up on you to relieve the tension you’re placing on it.

And so while the genuine mind-reading antics are far and few between you’re mind, out of paranoia, can and will make up and trick you with intrusive thoughts

And the more of this anxiety that continues the more build up of excess chemicals will take place
the more excess chemicals results in more ‘tangling of wires’ thereby yourself accidentally overhearing conversations that may be taking place several homes away from yours as you are listening through another person’s ears (think computers and internet)
The same goes for ‘ghosts’ where one is accidentally simultaneously watching from another’s eyes as a person walks past the stranger - the accidentally tangled will see a transparent visage of the passer pass in front of them too. ie; like holding both of your index fingers close to one another up near your eyes to see a floating ‘third’ finger

By the way the above is theory, no one’s proven it but I don’t believe in ghosts and goblins and myself, personally, am only concerned with the probability of unethical scientists and artificial virtual environments.


Sorry, I forgot to offer what solved the problem for me

I stopped worrying about it
less anxiety
less chemical build up
Now I only have bizarre telepathic transactions when most (even ‘normal’ ) people have them; while falling asleep or meditating.

The best way to quit worrying was offered by Davey Jones. When Davey’s crew warned they would be swallowed the darkness of the sea, Davey corrected in frustration “What are you on about? I AM THE DARKNESS OF THE SEA!!”


Do you know how long you have been taking the abilify?thanks


Been two months. I don’t thought broadcast much, just a little bit. It gets bad when I stop for a few days.


Interesting,which antipsychotic do you think is responsible for improving your thought broadcasting?abilify or the paliperadone?


Interesting,which medication do you believe is responsible for improving your thought broadcasting symptom?abilify or the paliperadone?


Abilify. I still thought broadcast when taking just Paliperidone.


I see,do you know how long it took for the abilify to lower the Thought broadcasting significantly?


Or in other words,how long it took to get the point where you are now as far as broadcasting goes


I notice the reduction of thought broadcasting a few hours after taking my first dose.


Nice,I have been taking abilify for 30 days now and I still have severe broadcasting,I was taking 15 mg.Do you think that abilify just won’t work for me?


They might up the dose. I dont know.


Nice,I have been taking abilify for 30 days now and I still have severe broadcasting,I was taking 15 mg.Do you think that I need to switch meds?or just be more patient?


Can you explain what you mean by thought broadcasting? Do you feel that people are listening to your thoughts and reacting to them all the time?


Instead of my thoughts being private,my thoughts can be heard my everyone around me,like a radio broadcast.People can literally hear my thoughts and my neighbors constantly harass me by repeating my thoughts,especially the embarrassing ones.Its absolute hell.


My description is right above this comment^^^(sorry it won’t let me copy and paste)


I have been on abilify for 30 days now(first week 10 mg,then upped to 15 mg),and I still have severe thought broadcasting.Do you think that abilify will not work me?I would really appreciate your reply,Thanks.


I am taking CBT, I have a very nice therapist. I am afraid of people communicating with me telepathically. Best is to get away from these people or do something so you don’t think about them. They make me unwell and my condition worse.