Medication for thought broadcasting delusions?


they do it to draw my attention away from what i am thinking, i just want to know why they do it


You just think they do, that delusion is part of the illness.


Hey there again,do you know if there are other medications that can stop thought broadcasting?(besides abilify or haldol)


Yes, and I sometimes feel like it’s G-d showing me that I need to change my thoughts - similar to what you said. Do antipsychotics take away delusions/thought broadcasting, etc. without emotionally numbing/dulling a person, or is the emotional numbness only in the beginning? I was taking Risperdal and it was making me feel more flat, so I stopped it. Or does the flatness usually go away once/if the delusions go away?


Try risperidone or paliperidone. They are both similar medications and only differ by one oxygen atom.


I mean risperidone is similar to paliperidone.


I’ve now been on abilify for 30 days and I am still experiencing thought broadcasting.Do you think that this med probably won’t work for me?Or do you think I need to be more patient?Thanks


Ramle94 what is your dosage?


Took me like 6 months.


10mg for the first week,then upped it to 15mg.


Did it take you 6 months to find the right meds or 6 months for the meds to work?did you have thought broadcasting?what meds did you take?


@l0tsofdelusions, I had thought broadcasting and thought reception delusions all my life, (I’m 59 now). For the last two years, I have been psychosis free on Risperdal Consta, Geodon and Seroquel. Now, since this past Christmas, I have been experiencing thought broadcasting and reception again. My pdoc raised my Seroquel today from 200 mg at night to 300 mg at night. He kept the other two AP’s the same. I’ll let you know how it goes after the next six weeks.


6 months for meds to work at least. I’m currently on Vraylar. I’ve tried a lot of meds so far. My biggest complaint is negative symptoms.


Ok then, six months. I’ll give it that long. That’ll be in July 2019.


Does that medication work for you?


Sort of. Best med I’ve ever had. Tried several. It helps my negative mood. Supplements help too.


Do you think there is a chance it will still work within the next 2 weeks or so?its been 30 days so far.


Do you remember how long you had to take the medication for the thought broadcasting to stop?


Hey there, are you still experiencing broadcasting?what meds worked for you


I’ve been dosing a lot of liposomal vitamin c which has been reducing my positive symptoms significantly. I’m currently on 12 mg paliperidone and 2 mg Abilify and I still thought broadcast somewhat.