Medication and oily skin?

Just wondering for all of those people out there who are on APs do any of you experience your skin been more oily or breaking out more than usual when on these medications? I used to have a beautifully clear complexion and now over the past month being on Geodon I’ve watched in horror as my skin on my face turned oily and started to break out. My skin has never done this before and I’m wondering if it’s the medication? My diet is good, I wash my face twice a day and yet still I’m having this problem. Anyone know of any advice?

I used to get acne on my face here and there, but as soon as I started sleeping with a towel on my pillow the acne went away. It also exfoliates the skin so it’s a double plus. This is a known treatment, just google “acne towel”.

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Both when I started risperidone and when I went up in dose I experienced increased breakouts. I was upset about it, but things went back to normal after a couple of months.

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I have oily skin. But I don’t have acne. I take an omega 3 supplement every day to have a beautiful skin. And it works.


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